Monday, April 8, 2013

Women group embrace soap making as an income generating venture

On  April 5th, group members of Meko Ma Aka Self Help Group had something to smile about as they gathered for training on making liquid soap.For some time now, the group members had been yearning to find an income generating activity that will boost their finances.

So when Mutomo Maarifa Centre Field Officer visited the group for an information gaps mapping activity early last year, group members listed commercial liquid soap making as one of the viable activities that they were interested in engaging in but which they lacked technical skills to jumpstart.Therefore,the Field Officer sourced for a resource person who took the group members through the soap making process.

On this particular day, their faces wreathed in smiles of joy,each group member took a turn to participate in every stage of the whole process.

The group has already identified a market for their product and were all enthusiastic about starting the project.Liquid soap has many uses and can be used in schools, hotels, household levels among other uses.

The procedure of making this soap is very easy to learn and master
Ingredients needed are; Ungerol( a kind of fatty acid), industrial salt, caustic soda, formalin,colouring, perfumes and water.
  • Mix Ungerol with industrial salt until the crystals dissolve
  • Add water, colour and perfume to the viscous product.


  1. Good to hear that this women want to learn new thing to have income to support their families. Great news.

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