Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ICT skills facilitate Pastor’s acquisition of IT equipment

By Rhoda Musili

At his office in the Centre of Mutomo town, Jeremiah Mbithuka is busy typesetting a report on his desktop computer.A few months ago, the 41 year old pastor could not carry out this task and used to handwrite his reports.But  a free ICT training at Mutomo Maarifa Centre changed his office operations.

“My friend who had benefitted from the training informed me of the opportunity and I enrolled immediately,” says Mr.Mbithuka who adds  that he majorly uses word processing, printing, scanning and browsing skills in his daily work.

Mr.Mbithuka is the Coordinator for Children in Christ Self-Help group which trains school going children and teenagers on moral issues and life skills.The Self-Help Group which was started in 2010  has a membership of 50 community trained volunteers .

Acquiring computer skills played a vital role in Mr.Mbithuka getting office equipment from World Vision, Mutomo whom they are collaborating on a project.

“World Vision management  was interested to know if I am able to operate IT equipment before they allocated the IT equipment to the office.On informing them  that I had enrolled for training, they tried and tested me on completion of the training and issued me with with a desktop computer, a printer and a scanner,” says a proud Jeremiah.

Apart from Mr.Mbithuka, four other group members have also benefitted from the ICT training opportunity.

“We realized that teenagers were not involved in church activities and there was no proper curriculum to teach them issues affecting them,” adds Mr.Mbithuka adding that the group also sensitizes these children on HIV/AIDS.

Mr.Mbithuka who is also a regular Maarifa Centre library user  thanks ALIN for this wonderful  opportunity

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