Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rock Catchment Reservoir at Kiange Village

mutomo rock catcthment.

Water is a resourceful commodity in the lives of all living things. However, fresh water is considered more secure than any other type of water due to its natural form. Fresh water is considered free from chemicals as a result of no additive components.

In Mutomo getting fresh water requires one to walk long distances to acquire it from water reservoirs at the rock catchment areas at Mutomo Hills.

Fresh water is found at a rock catchment in Kiange Village near Kiange Primary school just two kilometre distance from Mutomo DC's office down the road.

If you are in Western Kenya, Central, Nyanza, Coastal Region, Rift Valley or Nairobi and you complain about water shortage, visit Eastern or North Eastern and you will be left wondering if people in such places value water much the way you do. However,mechanisms have seen them through such as the use of donkeys and rearing of drought resistant animals like goats.
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