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Together in climate change adaptation

Mutomo Maarifa Centre, in partnership with its partners and stakeholders held a sucessful treeplanting day on November,23,2010. The event saw 200 seedlings planted at Kandae Primary school,three (3 ) KM away from Mutomo town.

The activity attracted over 400 partcipants who included stakeholders,partners,the school fraternity and community members and  was aimed at enhancing environmental conservation as one of the strategies of adapting to climate change.

Partners and stakeholders who participated in th event were : World Vision-Mutomo IPA,Kenya Commercial Bank-Mutomo Branch,District Agricultural Office and the Mutomo Mission Hospital.

Mutomo Maarifa Centre's Focal Group Chairldy in Ethiopia

I arrived in darkness and came out a professor" those were words spoken by Flora Nzambuli,Mutomo Maarifa Centre's Focal Group Chair lady on the recently held Ag knowledge ShairFair,held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Share Fair,which was held from 18th- 21st October,2010,attracted hundreds of participants around the globe

Other ALIN participants were Mr.Anthony Mugo,ALIN's Country Manager(Kenya),Susan Mwangi,ALIN's Communication Manager,Mr.Julius Matei, a farmer from Kyuso District and Mr. Kiarahu,a farmer from Ng'arua.

Mutomo-Ikanga water project officially launched

It was pomp and glamor at Mutomo town on 30th,October as His Hon. the Prime Minister Raila Odinga officially opened the Mutomo-Ikanga water project.

Residents of Mutomo town turned up in large numbers to witness the occasion which was also attended by Minister of Water and Irrigation services Hon. Charity Ngilu.

The project , which is under the TanAthi Water Services Board is currently serving 10,000 residents of Mutomo town and its environs since April this year at a cost of Kshs. 5 per 20 Litres' jerican.

Prior to the project,residents of the town used to buy the commodity from water vendors at a cost of K.shs 20-K.shs.30 per 20 Litres' jerican.

Also benefiting is 4,000 heads of cattle.

The water is drawn from three(3) boreholes in Ilusya from where water is pumped to a booster station at Ikanga trading centre, 55 km from Mutomo town.

The boreholes have a combined yield of 60M3/h.

The project was funded by the Kenya-Italy Debt for Development Programme(KIDDP) initiative at a cost of 129 M and has a coverage of 90KM2.

Construction of the water scheme was aimed at availing adequate clean treated water at all times with a view of improving the livelihood of Mutomo residents.

Friday,September 10th,2010

OXFAM NOVIB Donors' Visit to Mutomo Maarifa Centre
Two representatives from Oxfam Novib from Netherlands visited the Mutomo Maarifa Centre on Thursday, September 9th 2010.They were accompanied by Jacqueline Atingo,country Manager of ALIN-Uganda,who had come for her orientation,Anthony Mugo-Programs Manager(ALIN Kenya),Esther Lung'ahi-Programs Officer(ALIN Kenya and also Peter Muindi(ALIN Driver). They interviewed the C.K.F and Kyuso F.O who had accompanied the ALIN Secretariat.

They purpose of the visit was to get information about the General operations of the Maarifa centre,frequent services sought,monthly reporting,content generation and dissemination,challenges faced by F.O & C.K.F,Field visits,use of Ipods and even partnerships with local organisations.

They were also taken round the Mutomo Mission Hospital(Host Organisation) by Sr.Karthleen Rooney,the hospital Administrator.

On Friday 10th September morning,they visited Kaseva Water point,which is a rock catchment area located about 5KM from Mutomo town.They interviewed one of the community members they found fetching water from the rock catchment and got some photos of the catchment

Finally,they had a one-hour meeting with the Mutomo Focal Group and Advisory Committee members and even ALIN partners like government ministries and administrators whereby they explained to them the benefits they are getting from the Maarifa centre.

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