Saturday, September 22, 2012

A youth's determination to suceed despite odds

Esther Musekele completed her high school studies last year. But the 19 year old youth who scored a B (minus) in her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Exams (KCSE) cannot get her certificate for she has not cleared her school fees with the school.

However, now Esther has a new mission in life, to work hard and save enough money to clear  the Kshs.18, 000 fees balance that she owes the school and finally get her certificate.

clip_image002Ms.Musekele attributes all this to a free ICT training she received through Mutomo Maarifa Centre.

“When my mother was told of the training through an Advisory Committee member, she registered me for the training,” says Esther.

Ms.Musekele, who is physically disabled, says that she drew strength from a well-wisher who would encourage her as she walked 7 KM from her Itumba home to attend training sessions.

“This shopkeeper would tell me to put more effort as she will give me a job when I completed the training,” says Esther.
In keeping up with the promise, the proprietor of Franco Computer Enterprises gave her a one month’s attachment opportunity in August this year. Later she was employed at the enterprise.Her duties at work include typesetting and providing internet services to clients.

“This is my first job and I am very excited,” says the happy girl adding that she is grateful for the ICT trainer for a job well done.She thanks ALIN for the opportunity and the spirit of serving the community.

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