Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bridging the information gap for student

Nzisa Elizabeth’s dream in life is to become a community development worker. To achieve this goal, the 29 year old realizes that it is important to get a good education. Her passion is to one day to work with her communclip_image002ity.

Towards that, Ms. Elizabeth has enrolled for a Certificate in Community Development and Social Work at the Coast School of Accountancy in Mutomo town.

However, good education came with excess costs of purchasing reading material.Whereas,buying the necessary books is costly,Nzisa’s main challenge has been in getting the necessary reference material for her course work. Ms. Elizabeth will be sitting for a UK bclip_image004ased exam at the end of the 2 year course.

“These kind of reference material are not easy to get .This has forced me to rely on the internet for material which takes a lot of time and money,” says Nzisa

Therefore, Ms.Elizabeth has exploited the library resource at Mutomo Maarifa Centre. Here, she has access to reference material for her course work.

She praises the Maarifa Centre for their library resource and information services citing that it has given her a reference point for her studies and enabled her to save cost in buying study books.

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