Monday, June 4, 2012

Mola Mathina Self-help group benefit from orphan crops

Mutomo District is an arid and semi-arid district in Eastern Kenya, approximately 230 KM from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. The area receives a minimum rainfall of about 350-750 mm. The district is predominantly inhabited by the Kamba community .Residents here depend on small scale agriculture and keeping of drought resistant domestic animals. As such the community is always in need of learning new farming technologies and sustainable agriculture that can do well in the harsh climatic conditions. A group of farmers in Kwa toma village, Kyatune Location in Mutomo District has joined hands in achieving this objective.

Comprising of 16 members Mola Mathina Self-Help group was started in1992 with an aim of ensuring members have quality seed. According to the group’s Chairlady Mrs. Florence Kanini Sammy, the purpose of coming together was to share knowledge among members and practice smart farming. “Our main activity is seed bulking for income generation,” says Mrs. Sammy adding that the group also supports members by giving them food during the planting season

Extension services

However changing climatic conditions has seen the group adopt new farming technologies due to the diminishing rainfall amounts...Read more

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