Monday, June 18, 2012

Library services bridges information gap for distance learning student

When Japheth Musya enrolled for a Distance learning Diploma course on Theology at Scott Christian University, he had no idea where he would find reference books for his studies. But a visit to Mutomo Maarifa Centre was an eye opener for the 45 year old man.

“I had gone to the Maarifa Centre to enquire on computer training but to my surprise I found out that they also have library services and had very informative books,” says Mr.Musya

Mr.Musya has borrowed 10 books from the Maarifa Centre with a span of one year. These range from Project management books, community development to dry land farming resource materials.

The training is offered by Scott Christian University and sponsored by the World Vision. Currently, 36 students are enrolled for the project. However, trainees have to source for their own reading and reference materials.Mr.Musya says that Mutomo Maarifa Centre has bridged that gap for him as it were not for the Maarifa Centre, he would have had to buy the books from other sources thus incurring extra costs.

“The books have helped me prepare study notes for my exams and carry out general research on my studies,” says Mr.Musya .adding that he has also been borrowing community mobilization and project management books from the Centre which have assisted him mobilize two Self-Help groups in his community

He praises ALIN for the community Maarifa Centre citing that it’s a very important organization in the community as far as knowledge provision is concerned

His expectations

Mr.Musya is a Pastor based in Mwamba Village, Kibwea Location of Mutomo District. He cycles 16 KM every time he wants to borrow a book from the Maarifa Centre.

He expects that acquiring the Diploma will enable him secure employment as a community development worker and improve his livelihood.

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