Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kitui county representatives visit the Maarifa Centre

By Rhoda Musili
Early this morning, Mutomo Maarifa Centre was privileged to host Kitui county officials who were on a tour to familiarize themselves on Maarifa Centre operations with a bias on ICT provision services.

Ms. Emma Ngute listens keenly to a point(Photo: Rhoda
Among the visitors was Ms. Emma Ngute, the assistant director in charge of ICT and Kamunda John, the assistant director, Trade. The two officials were accompanied by Mr. Antony Mugo, Deputy Director, ALIN.

During the meeting, the Field Officer, Ms. Rhoda Musili outlined Maarifa Centre services focusing on the impact of ICT training especially to the youth.
The county officials interact with ALIN's Deputy Director
Antony Mugo (Right) and Maarifa Centre beneficiaries

(Photo: Rhoda Musili/ALIN)

She elaborated that 419 community members had benefited from ICT training that ran for the period January 2012-July 2013 pointing out that 79% youth benefited while 21% of the trainees were adults.
The visitors also heard that apart from ICT training, community members also benefited from e-government services, library services as well as capacity building opportunities.

Mr. Mugo informed the visitors that ALIN, through Sokopepe was providing market linkages between producers and buyers.

The Maarifa Centre’s Advisory committee chairman Mr. Benson Nyamai expanded on the committee’s role of providing linkages between the local community to the Maarifa Centre emphasizing the committee was comprised of community group leaders, local government representatives and other organizations working within the locality.

Trainees who had benefited from the training also elaborated how they are now able to use the gained skills to engage in income generating activities and also to secure jobs which have led to an improved livelihood.


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