Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Visiting medic praises Maarifa Centre as an important resource in the community

By Rhoda Musili

When she saw a community Knowledge Centre at Mutomo Mission Hospital’s compound, Edith Dietz was curious to know what services the Centre offers to the community.

The 34 year old Physician, a pediatrician was impressed with the Maarifa Centre services and immediately become one of the popular users. Among the services that she accessed mostly included internet for emailing  and getting medical resources for patient care;specifically the library resources

“For instance, I downloaded images for a presentation at the hospital on child development.Accessing this information was quite critical for my ability to read about certain medications that are used in Kenya much more than in the US, find conversions for certain lab tests that are run differently in the US. I also emailed medical friends in the US for advice, and found information about a Diabetes association in Nairobi to give a patient,” says Edith

Ms.Edith praises ALIN for the the wonderful resource for the hospital staff and town adding the hospital staff should utilize it maximally to help provide optimal patient care..She is of the opinion that the Maarifa Centre should reach out more to the hospital staff to offer training in medical literature searches and skills to create presentations on medical topics to increase knowledge and skills.


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