Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A man who cycled 60 KM to attend ICT training is rewarded with a job .

When 35 year old George Nzuki Mutuva heard a vacancy announcement on Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission(IEBC) recruitment on registration clerks, he was only too happy to apply for the opportunity.But there was a setback; one of the requirements was that an applicant must be IT compliant.

And although Mr.Mutuva had done a computer course in college, he felt that he lacked the practical skills necessary to be efficient in the job he had applied for.

He therefore visited Mutomo Maarifa Centre and had a discussion with the Field Officer so that he could be attending hourly ICT training every day for a period of two weeks for practical sessions.To attend these sessions, Mr.Mutuva had to cycle 60 KM everyday from his Ndatani  Location home.

However, this was not in vain,Mr.Mutuva successfully acquired the practical skills needed for the job and is now a voter registration clerk based at Ndatani polling station in Kyatune Location.

“I can now comfortably use a computer to register voters and I attribute this to the training I received from the Maarifa Centre,” says George adding that he was very impressed with the Maarifa Centre services and congratulates ALIN for the good work they are doing.

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