Thursday, November 22, 2012

Library services improves pupils’ literacy levels

Peter Muthami is a Standard Seven pupil at Mutomo Primary School. Next year , the 14 year old boy will be sitting for his Kenya Primary of Primary Education (KCPE ) exams.As such, the pupil is on the look out to gain new ideas that will make him do well in his primary school studies.So when his English language teacher brought new storybooks for the class,Peter was only too happy to gain more knowledge.

Sister.Jeniffer Kiuni,his English teacher who is a regular Maarifa Centre user spotted  the story books  during an internet browsing session and enquired if she could borrow for her class.She borrowed 30 story books which the pupils read in turns.

“More than 72 pupils benefited from  the storybooks with one of them reading a total of 12 different storybooks ,” says Sr.Jennifer adding that after every reading session, the pupils would retell the skills gained through discussions. “I have seen great improvement in pronunciation and composition writing,”says Sr.Jennifer.

Her sentiments are echoed by the pupils,Peter says that his grammar skills as well as his composition writing skills have improved tremendously. “I have learnt new words and my spelling skills are also good.” He says.

Munii Mbeti also feels the same.She says that she has gained pronunciation skills,new words,spelling and she also learnt new words. “Every time I came across a new word, I would always look it up in the Dictionary thus expanding my word  vocabulary,” says the 14 year old girl.On the other hand,Halima Samuel says that story books have given her good sentence construction.

 Sr.Kiuni applauds the library resource and says that she intends to continue borrowing in future.

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