Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Agribusiness is the key to economic stability…community told

Residents of Mutomo have been asked to practice agri business as a means of achieving food security and economic stability.

Speaking during a National Field Day celebrations at Mwala Sub-Location of Mutomo District, Engineer Nicodemus Kyalo Mwonga from the Ministry of Agriculture also stressed for the need for farmers to embrace water harvesting.

“On farm as well as roof catchment water harvesting techniques are the best water harvesting techniques that can do well in our local situation” said Engineer Mwonga

The guest of honor,Eng.Mwongo gives his speech
Mr. Mwonga also pointed out the need to for the community to form groups so they could write proposals and benefit from government grants like Njaa Marufuku Kenya.

Partners and stakeholders who participated in the Field Day included other government departments, ALIN, Catholic Diocese of Kitui, Swedish Mutomo Group (SMG) and KREP.

National Field Days are thematic learning fields which give farmers and the community an opportunity to learn different technologies .This year’s theme was ‘Enterprise diversification, early land preparation, on farm water harvesting for improved production’


  1. Thanks, to post. Your community doing a great job, keep it up. You are giving such important information to the farmers regarding to agribusiness such as latest technology, better seeds, equipment, etc that help to growing your country. Use water harvesting that's help to save your water, money. I think, it's true concept that's your community told, "Agribusiness is the key to economic stability". Business Market Research

  2. I think this is true. If only the people and the government will give some concern in agriculture, I think economic crisis will be avoided.

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