Monday, April 30, 2012

Putting knowledge into practice; a farmer’s journey to success

Agriculture has been said to be the back bone of Kenya’s economy.Over 75 % of Kenyans depend on agriculture to sustain their livelihood. However,changing climatic conditions have resulted to minimal rainfall amounts, a situation that has resulted to recurrent food shortages.

Kisilu Musya is a farmer in Kyatune Location, Ikanga Division of Mutomo District. Due to unfavorable climate conditions, he has had to embrace alternative farming to realize food security. Knowledge has played a major role in Mr.Kisilu’s journey to realize this goal.

Mr.Musya explains how knowledge has improved his livelihood

An ALIN network member since Mutomo Maarifa Centre’s establishmentin 2007, Mr.Kisilu has been receiving ALIN’s magazines namely Baobab and Joto Africa

It was through Baobab issue 57 magazine that Mr Kisilu read an article on alternative fodder. The article had listed down pawpaw as one of the drought resistant crops.

“Before I used to do farming but lacked knowledge on the best crops to grow in our area. I mostly relied on maize which always failed me,“says Mr. Musya adding that during good times, he makes approximately $37 from pawpaw sales from 18 pawpaw trees only.

Apart from his pawpaw enterprise, Mr. Musya has also embraced indigenous crops like sorghum, millet, green grams and pigeon peas.

“My livelihood has improved .I now see a bright future for my family”, concludes the father of seven

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