Monday, March 26, 2012

Utilizing ICT skills; Beneficiaries praise opportunity

Kisilu Musya has always been techno phobia and used to associate computers with only the elite members of the society. But thanks to a free community ICT training opportunity offered at the Mutomo Maarifa Centre he can now operate a computer comfortably.

“This opportunity gave me a lot of skills. I can now type and format a document the way I see them in magazines ‘’ says Mr.Kisilu. The 43 year old farmer who practices agro forestry adds that he plans to use the knowledge gained in documenting his farming activities.

Mr.Kisilu types a document

A beneficiary of Kenya Forest Service’s Farmer Field School (F.F.S) project which trains community members on Agro forestry, Mr Kisilu is also the Chairman of MUIMUKO (Mutomo Mutha Ikutha FFS Network) which is made up of 53 groups of the larger Mutomo District. He trains the members on agro-forestry and smart farming...Read more

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