Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pupils have a taste of technology at Maarifa Centre.

Twenty pupils from Makosi Primary School of Mutha Division in Mutomo District today had an exciting opportunity to attend an Introduction to Computers learning session at Mutomo Maarifa Centre.

The standard eight candidates who were accompanied by two of their teachers were happy to learn and practice on the basic computer operations.

‘I have always been hearing about computers but I was yet to see and operate one. I am very happy for the chance to finally know how a computer works' said Shadrack Muliwa,a pupil . He added that he can now boot a computer, write, edit and save a document on his own’

Mr.Jeff Muta,a teacher thanked the Field Officer for taking the pupils through the session.

During the three hour session,the pupils learnt on types of computers,computer elements,and had a practical section where each booted up a computer, typed,edited and saved their documents in Microsoft Word.

The pupils were on a learning trip in Mutomo District to learn on operations in Government Offices and other Organizations.

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