Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maarifa Centre user praises library services

Mutomo Maarifa Centre is an information hub that continues to attract large numbers of beneficiaries seeking the free information services offered at the Centre.Internet and library services constitute the highest sought after services.Link

Boniface Kasoli,a Public Health Officer at the Mutomo District Hospital is one of the frequent visitors who has been borrowing books from the Maarifa Centre.

Before,Mr.Kasoli used to search for information from the internet because there were no books which touched on his career.

However,the Maarifa Centre was stocked with new books from Book Aid International which included medical books and he started borrowing books because they had better references

“ Recently,I borrowed a health book on Promoting Health from the Maarifa Centre”,Says Kasoli adding that he was able to gain valuable information and he was able to facilitate a seminar from the information gained.

Mr.Kasoli browses through the books at the Maarifa Centre’s library section

“I got gained lots of new information which assisted me to facilitate from an informed level,” he says adding that he is grateful to ALIN for the information services they are giving to the community.

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