Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Squirrel trouble?…..how to deal with it

Have squirrels being digging up crops in your farm? Have you tried pesticides to eliminate them without success…Worry no more. There is a cheap, simple indigenous method to deal with this.

You just need a heavy stone, sticks and a sisal thread to do this! The thread is tied to bow-like stick and a stone propped on the sticks. Another length of thread is laid between the bow and the stone. Grains (preferably maize) is scattered on the ground i.e. below the trigger mechanism.

The squirrel is attracted to the grains and as it tries to get to them, it sets off the trigger mechanism holding the stone in position. The propped stone is released and comes crushing on the squirrel hence killing it.

squirel squirel2

Mrs..Beatrice Kasikali sets up a squirrel trap.Right,the trap

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