Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A support group embraces sustainable charcoal burning.

Charcoal burning is one of the practices contributing to climate change in today’s world. It leads to deforestation, environmental degradation,air pollution,global warming and other harmful effects to the environment. This has led to poor rainfall patterns and drought in most parts of Africa and the world at large.

However,in some areas people still continue with this practice as a means of survival. One such area is Mutomo District. The District receives minimal rainfall (about 300-800mm) and as such residents are often faced with water and food shortages resorting to alternative means of survival. Residents then sell this product locally or to middle men who supply to major towns of Kitui, Machakos, Thika and Nairobi.

In most parts of the District, residents practice the traditional method of charcoal burning, (earth kilns )which involves cutting down a whole tree (s), .This has led to massive deforestation, a norm which the District’s Kenya Forest Services Department has stepped in to prevent through training the community on sustainable charcoal burning

‘’We encourage the community to come together and form associations, then build modern brick kilns for them which are environmentally friendly and sustainable, ‘’ says Mr.Sammy Mbuko, the Divisional Forest Extension Officer in Mutha Division of Mutomo District...Readmore


  1. fantastic! and the cheapest way to plant more trees is by seed,

    Kenya Seeds of Change, www.reskqu.blogspot.com!

    only 200shillings for 300+ indigenous fast growing woodfuel seeds. perfect for Kitui area.

  2. Thanks for the comment Kinyanjui.All of us are on a mission to conserve our environment for a better tomorrow

  3. Hi Kinyanjui,do you buy or you sell seedlings?


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