Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rain water harvesting

Mutomo district is an arid and semi arid area which often receives minimal amounts of rainfall resulting to frequent droughts and water scarcity. As such residents have resorted to different methods of water harvesting to combat these problems.

Elizabeth Kinyungu is a small scale farmer in Mwala sub-location in the district who is practicing rain water harvesting in her home. During the April rainfall season, Mutomo District received very minimal rain and so all her crops have wilted. But the 63 year old woman is happy that she harvested some water, thanks to a rock within her farm on which she has constructed a rock catchment
“My home is near rocks and such when it rained, we would be swamped with water from the rocks.Therefore, I decided to construct a rock catchment to harvest this water” She says adding that since constructing the structure she has been having constant water supply throughout unlike before when she had to fetch it from a far away earth dam some ten (10) KM away.

" Water from the catchment is fresh and clean unlike water fro the earth dam which is muddy and brown therefore lower risks of water-borne diseases,'' she adds

She says that water from the rock catchment serves all her domestic water needs .” When there is sufficient rainfall, the water serves us until the next rainy season “She adds .Elizabeth also uses the water harvested for small scale irrigation on her farm.

“I have planted some mangoes which I sell to my neighbours for an extra shilling ,” she explains adding that she has also started a tree nursery where she also makes an income from selling the seedlings.


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  3. Harvesting rainwater is a practical approach in places that are prone to droughts. It’s unfortunate that those places who needed water are almost the same ones where rain falls the least. On the other hand, it’s good to know that the people in this district have found a way to battle the scarcity of water supply in their area. Thanks for sharing!

    Sharon Strock @ StormChamber®


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