Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Advisory Committee for Mutomo Maarifa Centre

The Mutomo focal group members organized for a meeting that was held on 22nd February 2011 at the Mutomo Mission Hospital. The meeting comprising 22 participants was convened to discuss among other issues; Internet access at the Maarifa centre, Maarifa centre governance structure and reconstitution of the advisory committee, Mutomo Maarifa centre milestones, Mozambique visitors technical study visit to Mutomo and Kyuso and MPESA operations at the Maarifa centre.

The meeting was facilitated by Mr. Noah Lusaka project Manager and Roseline Ngusa Finance and Administration Manager from ALIN Headquarters.

Innovative selection of the committee

During the discussions, the Maarifa centre governance structure was explained in details and the roles of stakeholders outlined. Given that there had been many changes from the original committee constituted in 2007, the members agreed to reconstitute a new Advisory Committee comprising 11 members. To ensure equal participation and democracy, a criterion was set for selecting the committee. In effect, the committee is diverse to ensure different information interest groups are represented. Among the common interest groups identified included: Government representation, Ngos, women, youth, physically challenged, Community based organizations, local leaders and educational institutions...Read more

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